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Our Process


Step one

Get a free estimate to upgrade your home insulation and keep your home comfortable all year round. Our experts will assess your home with top of the line equipment and walk you through each step of the process.


Step two

Installation - from our experts who take all the proper precautions and lay down floor covering and wear shoes coverings to every project and do a thorough cleanup to ensure your home is spotless after installation is done


Step three

Final spillage test conducted. Enjoy your newly upgraded home and lower energy bills and stay comfortable all year round with Efficient Energy Experts home insulation services .

Installing Insulation

A blowing machine is used to spray insulation into wall cavities, attics, and floors to keep heat in and reduce energy bills.

Attic/Crawl Space Upgrade

Since heat rises, a significant portion of the heat that your furnace or fireplace emits into your home may escape through the attic and your home's roof.

Spillage Testing

You can assess the effectiveness of your gas water heater venting by performing a spillage test.

Exhaust Fan Installation

Replacing your home's existing exhaust fans with a new, quieter model after removing the old ones. significantly lowers energy expenditures and moisture buildup.

Site Cleanup & Removal

We leave the areas clean and tidy and remove any junk along the way.